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DATE: 6TH & 7TH April 2013

VENUE: Mookerawa State Recreation Park

COST: $10 per head. Kids under 16 FREE + Camping fees (Paid to Mookerawa Park Management)

*Please note that the $10 registration fee does not cover entry or camping fees. The registration fee is to cover the costs of amenities, entertainment, running costs etc.

REGISTER NOW: It is important to register early to secure cabins or powered sites as they are in low supply. It also helps us with our planning to make the Muster a huge success.

MUSTER DETAILS: You are free to arrive days before the Muster starts & enjoy some camping, prospecting or fishing (with a Current NSW fishing licence). The early bird gets the best camping spots. The actual Muster officially starts on Saturday 6th April at 10 am. The Mookerawa Park management will open the Golf Course for us to camp on. The putting greens are strictly off limits. The central picnic shelter will be our official area. The muster ends on Sunday @ 4pm but anyone who wants to stay beyond that time can book & arrange that with the park also.

This is a social get-together where we can meet other detectorists & fossickers & discuss settings, share tips, compare detectors & coils, learn new stuff & share experiences. This is NOT a sales weekend however Goanna Gold Detectors will take along some basic gear to show & sell.

Industry guests have been invited along. We are hoping to secure a couple of Tour operators & hopefully a Minelab representative this time. Doug stone was at the last Muster & he is mapping in the area again around that time & may also make an appearance.

We will have live entertainment at the Pine Hill campsite on Saturday evening.

Your dog is welcome on a leash (park rules). And, if he POOPS you SCOOP!

The main feature of this Muster is the presence of NAPFA (NSW & ACT Prospectors & Fossickers Association). They will be reporting on their recent activities in our battle to reclaim our bushland access. They will also be having their 1st AGM & office bearer’s elections. We need a good turn-out for this as it is important to support OUR association in their battle on our behalf. NAPFA will be signing up new members all weekend & everyone who signs up or who has already signed up will go into a draw to win a GPX 5000 which will be drawn at the “GO MINELABBING FUN DAY” on 18th May at Windeyer. It is the best $20 you will spend this year.

Of course, we will be running FREE TRAINING on the GPXs, GP & SD machines & will also have training available for owners of Garrett AT’s & Minelab X-Terras. We endeavour to take along a few detectors for people to test drive also.

If you want a cabin or a powered site you need to book promptly with the park. For the rest of us, we need to provide our own camping gear. The area is fairly flat & the grass is mowed so it is suitable for swags, tents, campers, caravans, roof-top tents, slip-ons & even motor homes.


NAPFA will be running a BBQ on Saturday for lunch to raise money so we urge everyone to support them by buying a sausage sandwich but you will need to bring along your own food for other meals.


Make your way to Stuart Town & proceed down the main street, cross over the railway line & follow the road out for 12 kms until you arrive at the boomgates at the entrance to the park. When you are paying or signing in at the entrance, tell the receptionist you are there for the Muster & you will be supported in the right direction. If you arrive early/late [out of hours] you can still enter the park by keying in [333444#] on the key pad near the boom gates. However, if you wish to exit the Park again you will have to attend the office during working hours, pay your fees & get an exit code for the boom gates. We suggest you register early & then you can come & go as you like.


Mookerawa State Recreation Park: 02 68468426


Snail Mail: Mookerawa Waters Caravan Park

                  Mookerawa Rd, Stuart Town. NSW. 2820


Phone: Bob or Judy [Goanna Gold Detectors]

            02  49387670   or   0418225587

Camping fees can be paid by credit card, debit card or cash to Mookerawa admin. Registration can be paid by CHQ, money order, cash, credit card by phone or direct deposit to Goanna Gold Detectors.


v  The Ranger reserves the right to restrict access to ANY area of the park. Their decision on ANY event, camp site, fire size or other, is final.

v  Speed limit to be capped @ walking pace within the Muster area.

v  Fires strictly in designated areas [provided no fire bans are in force]

v  ALL detector holes must be filled in.

v  ALL generators are to be off by 10pm.

v  ALL unnecessary noise to be stopped by midnight [no loud music]

v  ALL dogs on leads

v  Rubbish to be binned or taken home.

v  No detecting on the golf course. No holes are to be dug.

v  Part of your registration requirement is to sign the waiver. This MUST be done.

v  ALL people over 18 who are fishing must carry a current NSW licence on them.


v  Smoking is prohibited in the main gathering area.

v  NO BAD or DRUNKEN behaviour or Police will be called.

v  ALL vehicles, quadbikes, motorbikes must be registered & seat belts must be worn.

v  NO drunk driving

v  Your behaviour reflects on us all so control it.

v  No dumping effluent from motor homes & caravans on the open ground


v  Daylight saving ends on the Sunday of the Muster

v  You must have your licence ON YOU if you are fishing

v  Your friends & family are welcome. They don’t have to own a detector or even be interested to join us.

v  There are native animals in the park so drive carefully.

v  DO NOT handle snakes & lizards.

v  You cannot light camp fires on the golf course.

v  Remember to wear a hat, sunnies, sunscreen & long sleeves in the day time for your protection.

v  FILL ALL HOLES you dig.

v  Protect your belongings.

v  Have fun :)


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VENUE: Mookerawa State Recreation Park, NSW

DATE: 24th & 25th August 2013

COST: $300

DETAILS: Thank you for your interest in the GPX Mastery course being presented by Goanna Gold Detectors & Andrew Grech of Golden Triangle Tours. Andrew is Australia’s premier teacher & lecturer on Mastery for the Minelab GPX range of metal detectors. The machines are pieces of ingenious technology but without a full understanding of “how” they work many operators are only scratching the surface of what these machines are truly capable of doing. Therefore owners of GPX 4500 & GPX 5000 are only reaching the first step of success & not even realising that their efforts are not being fully rewarded with valuable gold finds. Adequate training is the solution; therefore we wish to offer a very special opportunity to the prospectors of NSW by bringing this course to NSW & making it financially accessible as well as geographically accessible.


Mookerawa State Recreation Park falls into the region of the Central West Gold fields of NSW & is a beautiful & accessible gold field area where metal detecting is welcome. However, it is a State Park so all Park rules must be observed & we expect that any holes dug will be filled in & any rubbish will be binned & not left on the ground. Participants that own caravans with toilets are not to release the effluent onto the ground in the park. Cabins [limited], powered sites [limited] & unpowered site camping are available at different costs & are the responsibility of the participant to organize. The course costs DO NOT include accommodation. To book your preferred camping or accommodation you can ring:

Mookerawa State Recreation Park office on: (02) 68468426 or fax: (02) 68468206

 What will be included is lunch & snacks on both days but participants will need to arrange their own breakfast & evening meals.

Please remember that it is winter in August & that this area experiences sub zero night time temperatures & single digit day time temperatures so planning for this is essential, especially if taking a “camping out” option. Please bring plenty of warm clothing & we strongly discourage anyone from sleeping in swags in the open to avoid the risk of frost bite. People in cabins must bring linen AND BLANKETS.

There are toilet blocks & showers inside the park & BBQs that are free to use. There are camping fees to be paid at the office by the front gate. The office is manned 7 days a week during daytime hours but you can access the park after hours by following the procedure outlined on the gate. You cannot exit the park however, until fees are paid.


The course will be conducted on:

Saturday 24th August 2013 from 8.30am till approx 6pm

Sunday 25th August 2013 from 9am till approx 5pm


Day 1 will be in the conference centre & is a theory day. Your notes will be provided but you can bring pen & paper to make additional notes if you wish.

Day 2 is a practical day in the field. Remember to bring your GPX5000 or GPX4500, fully charged battery, harness & any coils you like to use. If unsure, then bring the 11” monoloop coil that comes standard in the kit.

The GPX Mastery course is limited to just 30 participants & the reason for that is to ensure every person gets a high degree of attention, especially in the practical section of the program. One extra place has been created for the winner of our special GPX 5000 purchaser prize draw. The winner will have his seat for FREE for purchasing a GPX 5000 from Goanna Gold Detectors during the period from 8th April till 9th August. Prize will be drawn on Saturday 10th & the winner will be notified. Contact Goanna Gold Detectors for further details about the GPX Mastery Prize draw.

Family members can join you for the weekend but cannot sit in on the lecturers or be involved in the practical section of the program.

The $300 participation fee must be paid in advance. A receipt will be provided. Please note that this fee is more than 50% lower than the normal cost & is a special offer for this event only & will not be offered at this price again in the future. Securing a seat is only final once payment is made. Holding a seat with no payment does not ensure inclusion.

Lunch & snacks will be provided on both days. Please make a note if you have a special diet or food allergies so these can be avoided. We are planning a BBQ lunch on Day 2 in the outdoors.

Please read through & sign the “Waiver of Liability” as this makes up part of the registration.


v  The Ranger reserves the right to restrict access to ANY area of the park. Their decision on ANY event, camp site, fire size or other, is final.

v  Speed limit to be capped @ walking pace around camp sites.

v  Fires strictly in designated areas [provided no fire bans are in force]

v  ALL detector holes must be filled in.

v  ALL generators are to be off by 10pm.

v  ALL unnecessary noise to be stopped by midnight [no loud music]

v  ALL dogs on leads

v  Rubbish to be binned or taken home.

v  No detecting on the golf course. No holes are to be dug.

v  ALL people over 18 who are fishing must carry a current NSW licence on them.


v  Smoking is prohibited in the main gathering area, indoors & around other people.

v  NO BAD or DRUNKEN behaviour or Police will be called.

v  ALL vehicles, quadbikes, motorbikes must be registered & seat belts must be worn.

v  NO drunk driving

v  Your behaviour reflects on us all so control it.


Make your way to Stuart Town & proceed down the main street, cross over the railway line & follow the road out for 12 kms until you arrive at the boomgates at the entrance to the park. When you are paying or signing in at the entrance, tell the receptionist you are there for the GPX Mastery & you will be directed to either your cabin, booked powered site or an appropriate camping area. If you arrive early/late [out of hours] you can still enter the park by keying in [333444#] on the key pad near the boom gates. However, if you wish to exit the Park again you will have to attend the office during working hours, pay your fees & get an exit code for the boom gates. We suggest you arrive early & then you can come & go as you like once you have an exit code.


Snail Mail: Mookerawa Waters Caravan Park

Mookerawa Rd, Stuart Town. NSW. 2820


Phone: (02) 68468426


Snail Mail: 44 Wyndham St

Greta. NSW. 2334


Phone: (02) 49387670

Fax: (02) 49386013

We are very proud to be presenting this event for the prospectors of NSW. Future events like this one may be offered if this one is received well. We appreciate any constructive suggestions that will make future events better. For information or comments there are 2 email addresses included




  • The GPX Mastery 2013 course being conducted at Mookerawa State Park on the 24th & 25th August 2013 costs $300 per participant. Lunch & snacks are included in this cost. The fee must be paid in full by Monday the 19th August. Reserved seats are not locked in until payment is made in full. There are 30 places only.
  • Cancellation of a booking must be made by Monday 12th August for a full refund. NO refunds can be issued after this date.
  • You will be provided with notes & you can take your own notes but the lecture cannot be electronically recorded as it breaches intellectual property laws.
  • Family members joining you for the weekend cannot sit in on the lecture nor participate in the practical session.
  • All Park Rules must be observed.
  • Prospecting is permitted in the Park but all holes dug MUST BE REFILLED.
  • There is to be no digging on the golf course.
  • Safety gear like work boots with grip soles is essential. However, no “steel capped” boots as this interferes with the detectors. Hats, sun glasses, long sleeves, long pants & sun screen is advised for protection from the environment & sun. It will be cold so warm clothing is advised. Remember to bring adequate hydration. Water will be provided for day 1 during the lecture.
  • Remember to bring a pick for the day 2 practical session but be careful using it around others. Always check there is nobody behind you or moving into your work area before swinging your pick.
  • Remove rings, watches & other metal items that will interfere with the detector.
  • Bring your GPX4500 or GPX5000 with you with your favourite coil & either headphones or external speaker [as you would normally use it].
  • Make sure your Li-ion batteries are fully charged.
  • Lunch & snacks are being provided on both days. Day 2 will be an outdoor BBQ. Special diets & food allergies must be advised. Please use the form below & return it ASAP so menus can be decided.


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Well, it is nearly here. The Go Minelabbing Day on the 18th May is upon us. Minelab asked dealers across the nation to partner them in showcasing their product to the nation & have a whole pile of fun doing it. It has been a pretty big task coordinating everything even with the 2 other country retailers joining forces with us to bring our fun day event to the people of NSW. The Go Minelabbing Day will be celebrated across the globe as Minelab surges forward to dominate the recreational metal detector market with cutting edge technology. Metal Detecting is a great activity with many health benefits for people of all ages. Metal detecting is another activity for outdoor loving people to embrace & that is why we, at Goanna Gold Detectors jumped on board to support the Go Minelabbing Day & stamp our own brand of fun all over it. However, without the efforts of Nuggets from Down Under [Mudgee] & Pots & Plants [Broken Hill] it would not be the calibre of event we have planned for you. Gary Shmith from Minelab will be attending along with some industry leaders like Doug Stone [author], Andrew Grech [leading trainer & tour operator], Craig Weekes [CC Picks] & Rohan Johnson [Nugget Finder Coils] to provide some of the best information available all in one place at one time. Of course our trainer Gary will be available for people to get help with their X-Terras & Bob is always a well of information with the GPX, GP & SD machines. The day is not just a focal point of information but a “Family Fun Day”. We will be running treasure hunts for kids & adults & there are piles of prizes. We have also arranged a jumping castle, fairy floss & face painting for the kids. We will be running some egg & spoon races etc as well. Registrations will start at 9am & the event will wind up at about 4pm. That gives everybody a few hours to rest up before the bush dance starts at 7pm in the hall at the Bushlands Caravan Park [only 200m from the Windeyer show ground]. It costs $5 to get into the dance & that is to cover the costs of a live bush band.

It costs nothing to come along to the Go Minelabbing Day, only $5 to go to the dance & the Windeyer Endurance Club will be doing some catering so there will be food available to buy. Most people are camping in the Bushlands Tourist Park. To book a site in the bushlands Tourist Park please call them on 02 63738252. You can camp on the show ground for a $10 fee but the showground committee need to be notified & there are no facilities. Fires on the showground must be confined to fireplaces or drums & dogs are welcome on leashes but any droppings must be picked up & removed. Firewood is scarce also.

NAPFA will be attending the Go Minelabbing Day & that GPX5000 raffle that has been running as a recruitment incentive will be drawn on the day. Good luck everyone who has tickets in the draw!

If anyone has any further questions please contact us [details below]. See you at the Go Minelabbing Fun Day, Windeyer Show ground on the 18th May. :)

URGENT NOTIFICATION: A few of you already know about the GPX Mastery event coming up. A last minute date change has occurred. It was 10th & 11th August. It is now 24th & 25th August. Please adjust your calendars ASAP. Sorry about the change, unforeseen issue.


8TH MAY….Windeyer Show Ground

24th & 25th AUGUST….GPX Mastery


Venue to be announced.


The tip for this month is practice make perfect. We make our focus all about the post sale. Training is that focus because it is important that the owners of the world’s best metal detector technology know how to get the most out of their machines. However, there is another small piece to the puzzle…… Frequency! If you only get out once or twice a year then your skill level will take time to recover even though the basics will not be forgotten. Therefore, those people who get out & detect frequently; whether gold hunting or treasure hunting, will maintain their skills & be more successful more often. So, NIKE got it right when they said “JUST DO IT”. See you out there :)


Are you the owner of a GPX 4500 or 5000? Is getting your head around how to make it produce its best results all too much? Well, we get it. For a long time now our focus has been squarely on helping people through the learning curve by offering both intensive training days & repeat sessions through our regular Musters. After the last muster we have been fortunate to secure Andrew Grech at a never to be repeated special price, to come along to NSW yet again & run one of his highly prized Mastery classes. It is going to be held at the Mookerawa State Recreation Park on the 24th & 25th August 2013. This course normally costs many hundreds of dollars but we have it for just $300 per participant. There are just 30 places, so you need to book early for a guaranteed place. Now, there is just one more thing to add. Anybody who buys a GPX 5000 from us up until the 18th August will automatically go into our draw for a FREE seat at the GPX Mastery class. The draw will be held on Monday 19th August at our shop at 10am. The lucky name will be drawn & the customer contacted. The prize is NOT transferrable, cannot be cashed & cannot be held till another date. If the entrant cannot be contacted or cannot get to the Mastery class another name will be drawn & that person contacted. The process will be repeated until someone accepts the prize. No discussion will be entered into & no redraw will occur. We reserve the right to give the prize away under the circumstances we design for this promotion which includes drawing another name if someone is not contactable, interstate & cannot attend, not available to attend or any other circumstance that impedes the participant. The prize does not include accommodation, camping fees or other meals not specified.

The course runs for 2 days. Day 1 is a theory day in the Mookerawa conference centre. Day 2 is a field day where you will put your new skills into practice. Mookerawa is a gold bearing area in central NSW on the Lake Burrendong backwaters. There are a few very nice cabins, powered sites & free camping [all at varying costs]. We will be providing lunch & snacks on the Saturday & Sunday. Booking accommodation is the responsibility of the participant. So, after all that, if you want a place in the GPX MASTERY CLASS all you need to do is fill out the form below & send it back to us. Details are below. The first 30 will be accepted. Any others may be accepted if a cancellation occurs. Not attending without notice will forfeit the $300 fee. Notification to not attend must be made by 12th August 2013. Bookings are final after this date. No refunds after the 12th August. Bring along your GPX 4500 or 5000 & definitely have fun :)

Sale of raffle tickets for the GPX 5000 are in the last days….SO HURRY! Remember that NAPFA will be drawing a GPX 5000 at the GO MINELABBING DAY. Tickets are $10 each…..6 for $50…..15 for $100. So you need to be in it to win it. Better still, join NAPFA today & get 2 tickets FREE. $20 TO JOIN


Anyone who purchases a GPX 5000 from us up until the 12th August 2013 will automatically go into a draw to win a seat at the GPX MASTERY CLASS being conducted on the 24th & 25th August. It is valued at $300. The free 15”x12” coil promotion is now over but we are developing another great promotion just for Goanna customers. Not only will buyers of the GPX get a chance to join the Mastery class for FREE but they will also receive a beautiful camp chair & FREE NAPFA membership [if not already a member].


CC PICKS new EZY DIG PICK RANGE is our product for this month. This great new design is the desired “wedge” shape. The heads are made from strong Bizalloy steel so the plate can be thinner & therefore lighter in weight. The handles come in 600mm, 750mm & 900mm lengths & are very well priced. The original premier winged range is still available in 4 sizes; the JEWEL, FAITH, PROSPECTOR & DISCOVERER & of course [my all time favourite] the BUDGET PICK [not quite so beautiful but a fantastic little digger of low weight & simple design]. All the picks come with sturdy hardwood handles. CC PICKS are manufactured in Victoria in an Australian cottage industry & the manufacturing is of the highest standard. We are proud to sell & recommend CC PICKS & particularly the NEW EZY DIG RANGE.


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Some weekends are good & some are GREAT. The Goanna Season Launch Muster for 2013 was definitely the latter. Again, we brought information to the masses who sorely craved it & we delivered on all our promises to train who ever wanted it with whatever machine they had. Gary walked people through the Minelab X-Terras & the Garrett AT’s whilst Bob lead the GPX field training session & the GP/SD training session. A 1 hr session quickly turned into a 2.5hr session but nobody walked away without having retrieved some pearl of information. Garry & Martin Marks demonstrated various pans & water wheels during the 2 day event & our very special guest from Minelab, Jeff Nicotra, attracted a lot of interest. Of course the “big question” was asked & we are happy to report that “there will be NO new gold machine released this year!” We got it straight from the horse’s mouth & now we share it with you so there is no further confusion about what is real & what is a Chinese whisper. Having Jeff come to our Muster was a massive windfall for us as we have been completely unsuccessful at attracting a representative from Minelab in the past. We would like to thank him & Minelab for reaching out as it was the cherry on the top of an all round excellent weekend. Two Victorian guests also made an effort to come north to join our camp out. Craig Weekes from CC Picks & Andrew Grech from Golden Triangle Tours gave of their time to bring something truly special to our gathering. Craig introduced his new range of EZY DIG Picks as well as his original range to the campers & strong interest was shown in an excellent new product line. Craig also donated a pick to NAPFA to assist with fund raising….a generous gift, to be sure. Rohan Johnson from Nugget Finder Coils was not present at the Muster but his generosity extended north with a donation of a 17”x11”Advantage Mono being donated to NAPFA for fund raising. We thank Rohan for his support of our cause & our Muster. Without doubt, the presence of Andrew Grech launched our Muster from good to exceptional.  He provided a 1 hr Q&A session on the GPX5000/4500 free of charge. Muster attendees received this valuable gift…access to world class tutoring; FREE. They got a taste, applied their new information about GPX settings & during the course of Saturday 6 small nuggets were retrieved from the neighbouring  bushland….NOW THAT’S GOLD! That was a great effort & the finds were spread over a number of prospectors, not just a couple. An impromptu session late Saturday afternoon on reading the geology of the ground was conducted by Bob & Greckie. It was an interesting insight of understanding the ancient geology of Australia & why gold is found where it is. Saturday evening was highlighted with a little live music provided by Ross Langlands & his family. A thank you to Ross must be extended for adding richness to our evening by sharing a precious talent. Finally, NAPFA harnessed the opportunity to conduct their first AGM & office bearer’s elections. The steering committee; [who have done a great job getting NAPFA onto its feet] resigned & the new committee positions were all filled. NAPFA also auctioned off the donated CC Pick, the Nugget Finder 17”x11”Advantage mono coil & a 1 day FREE intensive mastery session with Andrew Grech donated by Golden Triangle Tours & raised some much needed fighting fund money. NAPFA also provided a sausage sandwich & cold drink BBQ for lunch on Saturday as a fund raiser which fed a hungry crowd. Thanks is extended to NAPFA for their culinary prowess. Jack Rice won our gate prize for registering to come along to our Muster nice & early. Minelab donated a Pro-Find 25 as the prize & we hope Jack has hours of fun with it. After the NAPFA AGM on Sunday Jeff pulled out his ctx3030 & ran a session for the treasure hunters. They gathered like flies to a honey pot as the boys put the ctx through its paces. By Sunday afternoon people started heading off. The Muster was held at the Mookerawa State Recreation Park on the backwaters of the Burrendong Dam. It is located about 17kms from Stuart Town & is gold bearing…obviously. The park management had been so helpful by dragging down some firewood for us & reserving the Pine Hill camp site for us. The park can be contacted on                 02  68468426 for anyone interested in staying at the park. Our final guest was Larry Pitts from “Wildwood Cottage”. He joined us for a few hours to talk to people about his Farm stay cottage. “Wildwood” butts up onto the Ophir Gold Reserve & is itself gold bearing. In the face of more & more land restrictions paid access to land is a viable option. We helped Larry & his wife, Dee market their business so our customers have places to go. They can be contacted on 02  63659135 or


Take every opportunity to top up the charge on you Li-ion GPX battery. There is slight but gradual decline & by the afternoon you are not covering the ground as well as when you started. Li-ion batteries can be topped up any time. Having 2 batteries & changing it every 3-4 hrs (lines up with your breaks) is a good idea especially if you are serious & have made a significant investment for time or money. Charged batteries work BEST.


This month we are featuring the GPX 5000. The GPX 5000 could be featured every month but for the next 12 weeks or so Goanna Gold Detectors is making an exclusive offer to prospectors of NSW. It was born from the Season Launch Muster & will apply to anyone buying a GPX 5000 from Goanna Gold Detectors up until the next event which is a GPX Mastery weekend. Andrew Grech has agreed to return to run a SPECIAL GPX Mastery workshop for 30 very lucky people. Normally this 2 day course costs several hundred dollars plus your travel costs to Victoria. We are pleased to announce that the Master is coming to us & we have a very “SPECIAL”, never to be repeated, price for 30 lucky NSW prospectors. To keep the cost down we will be camping out or you have a choice of booking a powered site or staying in a cabin…that costs extra. We will provide you with lunch & snacks on day 1 & a BBQ lunch on day 2. Camping fees are extra but a small cost & breakfast & dinner are not covered …everything else is covered. Just bring along your GPX, chargers, coils, batteries etc. Now, the special I promised to anyone who buys a 5000 during the next 12 weeks….

Every new owner of a GPX 5000 bought from Goanna Gold Detectors will go into a draw for a FREE place in the NSW GPX Mastery class which will be conducted around July/August 2013. All details will be announced soon, but believe me when I say this is the best event & the most valuable offer you will receive this year. A portion of the usual cost, no travelling & Australia’s best instructor….all packaged into one just for you. So, if you have been fence sitting about when to buy your GPX 5000 then now is the right time. See below for our new package deal offers:


We are only a weeks away from our next event & this one is a little different. Minelab are sponsoring this event & they are keen to promote metal detecting as well as their products. There are thousands of people out there who have no clue about the really cool treasures we find with our metal detectors & its time they found out! The 3 country metal detector stores in NSW have joined forces to bring metal detecting to the masses with our own FUN DAY event on the 18th May 2013 at the Windeyer show ground. Many of us will be travelling & camping out over at the lovely Windeyer Bush Tourist Park only 200m away, where we will round out the day with a Fun Bush Dance in the hall in the park.

The day will begin with a simple registration & signing up for the treasure hunts. The Prizes to be given away on the day include an X-Terra 705 & 305 + a ctx3030 will be auctioned or raffled off for charity. The ctx will also be demonstrated & the high profile industry leader, Andrew Grech, will be talking about the hunt for gold & treasures & sharing his life experiences through his Golden Triangle Tours business. He has lived the dream & there is nobody better to tell it like it is. Rohan Johnson from Nugget Finder will be a special guest & Craig Weekes from CC Picks will be showing off his new CC EZY DIG Pick range. We will have face painting, colouring in competition, egg & spoon race & a treasure hunt for the kids as well as a jumping castle & fairy floss!! Some Mudgee businesses are bringing out camping gear & caravans to display etc. That will keep the big people happy….and there will be food for sale provided by the Mudgee Endurance Club.

NAPFA will be tying up their GPX 5000 raffle promotion & draw the machine on the day. They will be signing up new members all day. Gary Shmith from Minelab will be in attendance also.

So, if you would like to come for the day or camp over with us in the caravan park then please do. Participating is the secret ingredient that leads to fun. If you are camping then you need to book. There is also a pub opposite the show ground for those not so keen on camping & limited cabin accommodation in the park. For more information please contact us at Goanna Gold Detectors, Nuggets from Down Under (Mudgee) or Pots & Plants (Broken Hill) for more information.

Want a great old fashioned outdoor fun day & camp out, then come to the GO MINELABBING FUN DAY on the 18th May 2013 at Windeyer. Bring your family & friends…the more the merrier….. for a wholesome good time. See you there :)

Now we have made it even easier to get a free seat at the GPX Mastery courses later this year. Check out the great deals below & we can also arrange finance if you prefer. Buy a GPX 5000 from Goanna Gold Detectors by 30th April 2013 & you will go into a limited draw for a FREE seat at the GPX Mastery weekend later in the year. Value is around $400 but the knowledge is priceless. New offers will appear next month


WHEN? Late July/ early August Date TBA

WHERE? Mookerawa State Recreation Park

WHO? Owners of GPX 5000s & 4500s. 30 PLACES ONLY!

HOW MUCH? Final cost TBA but definitely            under $300

GPX 5000 Package Deal Offer 1.

v  Includes 15”x12” commander monoloop coil till 30th April 2013 (value $385)

v  Includes ‘Unwrapping the GPX5000’ DVD by J.Porter (value $80)

v  1 Free intensive field training day or Free freight if interstate customer (Value up to $140)

v  Includes small CC EZY DIG Pick(value $85)

v  Includes Control Box Cover (value $40)

v  Access to Minelab Adventurer club & Free Minelab Training

v  Free monthly Goanna Newsletters + all offers

v  Automatic invitation along to ANY event or Muster we conduct (priceless)

v  Includes Pro-Find 25 (value $185)

v  Includes external Speaker (Value $70)

v  Our personal guarantee of training & support

TOTAL VALUE $7580     YOUR PRICE $6750

GPX 5000 Package Deal Offer 2.

v  Includes 15”x12”commander monoloop coil till 30th April 2013 (value $385)

v  Includes Control Box Cover (value $40)

v  Access to Minelab Adventurer club & Free Minelab Training

v  Free monthly Goanna Newsletter + all offers

v  Automatic invitation to ANY event or Muster we conduct (priceless)

v  Includes External Speaker (value $70)

v  Our Personal guarantee of ongoing training & support






v  Includes 15”x12” commander monoloop coil till 30th April 2013 (value $385)

v  Includes Control Box Cover (value $40)

v  Access to Minelab Adventurer club & Free Minelab Training

v  Free monthly Goanna Newsletter + all offers

v  Automatic invitation to ANY event or Muster we conduct (priceless)

v  Our personal guarantee of ongoing training & support

v  Free Walco or CC Pick to the value of $95






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Again this year we are committed to bringing fun events & information to the prospectors & fossickers. You will also note that we have extended our itinerary of events to give people even more chances to be involved.

The Goanna Season Launch Muster will be held on the 6th & 7th April at the Mookerawa State Park. NAPFA will be our guest. They will be recruiting over the weekend, raising money to fund their campaigns, holding their first AGM, conducting office bearers elections & reporting on the various campaigns. Of course we will provide FREE training as well as interesting displays & invited industry guests who are happy to talk about current industry events. Cost…just $10 per adult + camping fees

We are also fulfilling our promise to the Treasure Hunters to run a “Beach Day Out” event on Caves Beach on the 9th March. There will be tokens to find, prizes & a sausage sizzle luncheon. It is a social day so bring your little treasure machine & join us for just $5. This covers the cost of your lunch. Bring a chair, sunscreen, hat, sunnies & shirt. Also, pray for a nice day.

The third event is something SPECIAL. The “GO MINELABBING FUN DAY” is a joint venture event conducted by Goanna Gold Detectors, Nuggets from Down Under & Pots & Plants. These 3 major country retailers are banding together to run an exceptional event. It is a cheap as chips family FUN DAY being held at Windeyer. There will be kid activities, jumping castle, guest speakers, ctx 3030 demonstrations, prizes, a treasure hunt, food & activities & NAPFA will be drawing their GPX 5000 prize. To win the GPX 5000 all one need do is join NAPFA for $20 & you get 2 FREE tickets into the draw. You can also buy raffle tickets to improve your chances at $10 each. NAPFA details will appear in this newsletter if you wish to purchase raffle tickets.

Minelab are sponsoring the GO MINELABBING FUN DAY & we & the other retails are pulling out the stopper to bring you a quality event unlike the Musters or club days; that encompasses a family friendly FUN element to a hobby enjoyed by many older outdoor loving people but not yet discovered by the younger X & Y generation. We would love to see all generations sharing a great OUTDOOR Day at the Windeyer Recreation Area. Come camp with us or just come for the Day but make sure you put this in your calendar as a must attend event! See you there.              Bob & Judy :)


Here is a summary of what is coming. You can copy this straight to your diary….

March 9thBeach Day Out…Caves Beach Treasure Hunter & Social Day…starts 9am…Sausage sizzle lunch

April 6th & 7th….Mookerawa State Park….Goanna Season Launch Muster

May 18th….Windeyer….GO MINELABBING FUN DAY

If you would like to attend any of these events & not sure what to do just call us Mon-Fri  on        02  49387670 or email on


It is out of the blue but here is the current status of items no longer available:

Minelab Sovereign models

Minelab ctx starter pack. NB the standard pack IS available.

Coiltek Carbon Fibre Upper shafts

Coiltek heavy duty plastic lower shafts

Garrett GTP1350 & gold stinger models

Coiltek “Swingy Thingy” bungy harness

Coiltek 17”x 10” Mini UFO mono

Coiltek 24”x12” UFO mono

Coiltek 14” round DD PRO

Replacement battery packs for all older Minelab XT series & Sovereign series detectors. Also Digimeters for Sovereign.


This product could easily be the “BIBLE” of modern

prospecting. It is ‘Metal Detecting for GOLD in Australia’

by Doug Stone. It is a trove of maps & info clearly presented

This is perfect as a gift or as a valuable addition to your next trip, & ideal for those just starting out… value item    $135


The Beach Day Out held on the 9th March 2013 saw a collection of 20 treasure hunters gather for a social day out, a little treasure hunting & a bit of healthy competition. The treasure hunt conducted on Caves Beach produced a $30 cash prize for the winner of the “golden snitch” as well as 2 x $5 gift vouchers & 2 x $10 gift vouchers. It was a pretty warm day & the thirsty hunters were greeted with cold drinks & we all enjoyed a sausage sizzle for lunch. The afternoon sea breeze was a welcome guest & the X-Terra 305 dominated the day & attracted enquiries from people passing by. We had bucket loads of fun…


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Well, we have never organized one of these before but we promised our treasure hunting friends a day of their own & we keep our promises. We are announcing a BEACH DAY OUT! We will gather at Caves Beach near Swansea on Saturday 9th March around 9am for a day on the sand. So if you own a treasure machine (any brand) & would like to come along for a social day then RSVP me ASAP so I have an idea about the numbers. We’ll cook a few snags as well! We might hide a token or two & see if anyone finds them. We would appreciate a $5 donation to cover the cost of the food & we are happy to cook it for you. You will find your RSVP form below so just fill it out & send it back with $5 money order or cheque. Please sign the waiver as well as we need to cover our backsides. Bring your friends, family, kids & grandkids too if you wish. Bring something to sit on, hat, shirt, sunnies & sunscreen but most of bring your smile :)


At the Mookerawa State Recreation Park


What do you get?

  • HAVE A GREAT LOW COST WEEKEND IN THE OUTDOORS. JUST $10 PER ADULT, KIDS 16 & UNDER ARE FREE. NB: Camping fees apply to Mookerawa State Park.

Now, would you like to come? Contact Goanna Gold Detectors……….

Special message….

This year we have planned a number of things for you, our customers & friends. We have the 2013 Season Launch Muster on April 6th & 7th & next month we have a “Beach Day Out” on the 9th March at Caves Beach, near Swansea. Our mid-winter Muster will run again & of course our End of year Muster celebration will also be held at the end of the year. Dates for the later events will be announced in future newsletters. These events have been organized because we asked our customers what they wanted from us & they told us they wanted 3 things (apart from a treasure map that takes them straight to the mother-loadJ). They told us they needed more training opportunities for a wider range of detector models, places to go & people to go with. We were asked repeatedly by people whether they could join us on our camping trips & go prospecting with Bob.

Before long we were taking small groups with us. The next thing that happened was that Bob & other experienced prospectors were sharing their knowledge with the less experienced people. Then people made friends & soon new friends became prospecting buddies. After that the regulars were joining new people & the ranks swelled. By muster 6 we had over 20 people camping out together having a good time. Last year the numbers continued to grow & it became clear we needed to think about little things like …toilets. So, we took a leap of faith & threw everything we had into putting on the biggest & best Muster yet. Thank goodness it worked & it was a truly excellent weekend.

The 2012 End of Season Muster provided a perfect bed for the seeds of NAPFA to germinate. The people decided to stand up & reclaim the bushland & stand against the unreasonable locking away of public lands. Now, just 3 months on from the formation of the NSW & ACT Prospectors & Fossickers Association we have a political voice being led by a small group of dedicated people striking a blow on our behalf. This kind of stuff is not everyone’s cup of tea but what these people do for the rest of us is important & the greatest corrupter to NAPFA is complaisance by those who want better access but do nothing. All you need to do is join NAPFA because people are voters & politicians are only interested in votes. Organizations with no membership body are not taken seriously. Never underestimate people power. The people of Hill End & a hand full of prospectors saved Hill End from the National Parks last year & the people stood up to the National Parks when they announced they were locking Stockton Beach to all access even though only a small section had sustained storm damage. This is happening all the time & if we don’t stand together they will leave us nowhere to go.

I thought I should share this story with you as this & the last newsletter have been taken up by registration forms for various events or organizations, & some of you may be wondering why. So, please join NAPFA if you want to reclaim or retain our right to access public lands. And if you would like to join us on one of our field events then please sign up. We do it for you because you asked us to……….

CHECK OUT THE NEW NAPFA WEBSITE AT Have a story? Then you are welcome to lodge comments & review the projects being undertaken on your behalf. For all our sakes, please involve yourself.


It’s got to be the underestimated Minelab Safari. Smart FBS technology. Simpler to use. Deadly target ID & discrimination. Waterproof coil & the PRO PACK is exceptional value for money. Will take Alkaline or NiMH batteries. Safari recently experienced a price reduction to make it even better value. We highly recommend this little beauty!


A new Garrett price list is being released very soon & I have it on good authority that there will be price reductions coming on Garrett gear. More power to a strong Aussie Dollar!!!!!!


X-TERRA 705 standard pack, gold pack & dual pack will all have PERMANENT price reductions. The special that ran last month is now here for good…..

X-TERRA 705 standard……was $950…NOW $850

X-TERRA 705 Gold…….was $950…..NOW $850

X-TERRA 705 Dual……was $1100….NOW $990

Farewell to the Central Coast Prospecting Club….

I recently had the privilege of sharing a meal with the good people of the now disbanded Central Coast Prospecting Club. Thank you to the club & we wish all the members well & hope to see them out in the field. Best wishes from Bob & Judy :)


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2013 has begun quietly but there is no doubt the activity will pick up. We would like to wish everyone a very happy & prosperous new year. Please note we will be closed on the Australia Day public holiday

CHECK OUT THE NEW NAPFA WEBSITE AT Have a story? Then you are welcome to lodge comments & review the projects being undertaken on your behalf. For all our sakes, please involve yourself.

On THE 8TH -10TH FEBRUARY the Newcastle Camping , Caravan & Holiday show will be conducted at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre & Showground. If we can secure a late entry we will be demonstrating at the show otherwise it will have to wait till 2014. If you attend, have a great time :)


For the past couple of months we have kept you in the loop about the formation of NAPFA. It is your representative body & now it is time for everyone to support its vital work. If we don’t offer our support then the future battles against narrow minded government policy will be all the harder & more likely to fail. This is why you are such an important part of the solution. NAPFA is a fledgling organization & if it is not supported then it won’t survive & that would be a tragedy for prospectors, fossickers, future prospectors & fiossickers & the entire industry. Greedy governments will do what is profitable for them or to get themselves elected whilst your access to the bush will be denied & that is the real tragedy. Our love of the bush is part of our Australian identity & we MUST fight for it. Use the form above to sign up & support NAPFA TODAY! Just $20 for 6 months to get the ball rolling. MAKE THIS YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTION


 During the month of January Minelab have great specials on the X-Terra 705 standard, Gold & Dual.

  • Standard normally $950 ……….now $850
  • Gold Pack normally $950……….now $850
  • Dual Pack normally $1100………now $990

Minelab have also announced permanent price reductions on the Eureka Gold. It was $1590 but is now just $1190 & Safari [was $1395 now $1325]. A Safari “PRO PACK” will be available & will include the NiMH battery, 240V charger & RPG Headphones. This is excellent value & only costs $ 1395.

Minelab announced they have a ctx3030 accessory being released this month. Check out the Minelab website to see what they have up their sleeve.


This month we would like to talk about rare earth magnets. These are powerful magnets which can make fast work of cleaning up ferrous junk from your patch. It leaves the non-ferrous metals behind & can speed up the gold search significantly. However, ironstone can be attracted to a rare earth magnet & if a little piece of gold is attached to ironstone you may end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Like all the various aids to make your prospecting easier you need to use due diligence & check carefully. Rare Earth magnets are very powerful & one needs to be careful to keep them away from anything with a memory chip or strip & from pacemakers as well. A 2cmx1.5cmx1.5cm magnet is capable of holding a 10kg metal item [now that is powerful]. A magnet like this is around $30.



The X-Terra 305 at just $395 is the perfect “starter” coin machine for the beach or park. This little machine boasts a 3 year warranty, VFLEX technology for more accurate target ID, digital readout & LCD screen. It runs on 4 x AA batteries & can be used with or without headphones. It is perfect for the whole family. The shaft will shorten & you can even get a short shaft so the little people in your life can have a go too.


Last year we talked to the Parramatta Club about a joint venture beach day for treasure hunting enthusiasts. The club are meeting on the 29th January to organize their 2013 itinerary. We should have some info for you after that date. We haven’t had any experience with beach combing, which has prompted this joint venture & should be a good day out


Just before the weather became unbearably hot Bob slipped a last ditch detecting trip in on a private property near Ophir called “Wildwood”. The property is owned by Larry & Denise Pitts & for a fee it is accessible gold country. Bob took his GPX 5000 & had on a solid 16” Nugget Finder mono & found 2 ozs at 30” in highly mineralized soil. The initial signal was faint which is why it is important to have the settings right. It was a great find on which to end the year. Larry & Denise Pitts can be contacted on 02  63659135 if you want information on “Wildwood”.

A FINAL WORD…. Our grandson arrived into the world safely & he is now 6 weeks old. Thanks to all the well wishers :)


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Bob & I would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas & a prosperous new year. Our business exists because of you & for you so thank you for your patronage & support & we will continue to improve our services for you. Merry Christmas to all,
Bob & Judy

REGISTRATIONS FOR NAPFA coming soon….Watch this Space.

What is NAPFA??
It is the newly formed Association representing the prospectors & fossickers of NSW. Its primary task is to win back access to public lands that have been locked away from us steadily over the previous decades. However, its presence now gives us a voice in the halls of power but it is nothing without YOU. Details will be furnished here in the Goanna News & we urge every prospector, detector owner, panner & fossicker to be active in reclaiming our right to access public lands. The call to join is only weeks away & when the call comes…please answer it. What is NAPFA??? It is the NSW & ACT Prospectors and Fossickers Association

The Goanna Outdoor Muster held on the 3rd & 4th November 2012 was, without doubt, a screaming success. Over 200 prospectors, fossickers & a general collection of outdoor loving people turned up for a camp out & to avail themselves of the free information, activities, help & advice. The Saturday was a particularly busy day & kicked off at 10am by Robert Brown MLC with a stirring speech addressing a letter submitted by Stephen Dangaard & few others. The speech touched on a core issue we all share, land access; at the end of the meeting Mr Brown encouraged us to form an association to give voice to our concerns which makes it easier for him to represent us in parliament. By Sunday the association was formed.
After the opening Robert Brown drew the winning ticket for the early registration gate prize from Goanna Gold Detectors. Mr John Stanfort of the Parramatta Detecting Club won an Ace 350 & he was very happy.

Saturday was filled with demonstrations by the Dubbo VRA & the Dubbo 4×4 Club. Both these activities proved to be interesting & well received. As always, free training was on offer. Bob conducted groups interested in the GPX 5000 whilst Steve Riley took on the training for the GPX 4500. Gary offered help with the smaller detectors like the Minelab X-Terras & the Garrett ATs. Gary also ran a detailed demonstration of the Pyramid Pro Pan & a high banker sluice. Some kids got into the dam & learned the art of panning & found a couple of small specks. That was very exciting for them.
The weather was perfect & the Mookerawa State Park assisted with all arrangements & placed us in the perfect location. It was a diamond of a weekend. The rafflw was drawn Saturday night & the Flying Drs & the VRA were happy recipients of the results from the raffle. We thank Minelab for their contribution to making the muster an outstanding success. And thank you everyone for coming & making this better than we had ever hoped.

Watch this space for dates for our upcoming events & Musters for 2013

It is always sad news to hear that another club has folded but for the members of the now disbanded club there is a ray of hope. Traditionally clubs had provided a wonderful community for like minded people to share their interests. They also provided a good liability insurance cover & provided regular updates through newsletters. We want to help the people of the Hunter & Central coast area or any other region for that matter….so, if you would like a FREE monthly newsletter or know a friend in the Central Coast club who is now without a news source all they or you need to do is contact us on (02)49387670 & request a free monthly newsletter. By January NAPFA will be taking memberships & the insurance problem will be covered. If the club events are what is missing then take heart, for we will be running a number of activities, camp outs & musters through 2013. Just call us for a FREE monthly newsletter & all the events will be announced & promoted through it & you are welcome to come. New people are always welcome & a detector is NOT a pre-requisite. If you love the outdoors, that is enough for us. Training & help will always be part of our activities so call today. Please note we have an intimate connection to the NAPFA executive & can keep you in the loop about updates, recruitment & feed-back regarding the progress of issues being targeted. We can also be contacted by email:

Retail gives us a unique view of what people are buying, where & when. Some people prefer to let us sell their goods for them whilst others prefer to do it themselves. Here are some tips if you are buying or selling a metal detector.
 Sell you gold machines in Autumn, Winter or spring. During Summer they will just sit as gold prospecting is “seasonal”. Nobody is thinking about prospecting in Summer so the right buyer is just not looking.
 If you have a coin/relic machine DO sell in the Summer. It is the best time as people are in holiday mode which means beach combing.
 Thinking about buying a SH gold machine? Do it in Summer. There is often a glut of SH machines as people offload their machines post season. You have a big selection, no competition & the best opportunity to wheel & deal a good price.
 If you love ebay (& who doesn’t) use caution. If the price is too good to be true it is probably too good to be true. Ask for a serial number. If they can’t or won’t provide one…back off. If you get one you can check the authenticity of the unit by contacting Minelab. They can tell you whether it is a real number, where it was originally sold from, & sometimes they know whether it is stolen. However, more is needed. Use Google Earth to check addresses & if something doesn’t feel right, make them wait. Scammers like to catch you & move on. If you string it out they are more likely to slip up, get impatient & let you know in subtle ways that things are not on the level….like forcing the sale or the time frame 

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH…. This is a no brainer. It’s beach combing season & for the beaches there is just one thing that is essential apart from your trusty detector…a SAND SCOOP

Interview with Stephen Dangaard

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Following is an interview with the acting president of the newly formed NAPFA organization. By January 2013 the association will be ready to accept & serve paid up members of the new Association. This interview outlines well the intent of this organization & how it will position itself to support the needs of prospectors & fossickers across NSW. NAPFA will align itself with the established Victorian association to bring the collective voices of this, till now, silent group into the main arena.

Now formed: “NSW & ACT Prospectors and Fossickers Association”

Following the Goanna Gold Muster in November and direct encouragement from NSW Member of Parliament, Robert Brown, of the Shooters and Fishers Party, a new association has been set up in NSW.

The association is called “NSW & ACT Prospectors and Fossickers Association” (NAPFA for short.)

Interim President of the new Association, Stephen Dangaard, said there would be a membership drive from early January.

In the meantime the NAPFA committee was setting up the infrastructure (address, banking, website etc) to enable the fledgling association to function properly and to grow into the future.

Stephen said the mission of NAPFA was to fight for fairer access to land in NSW and to represent the interests of prospectors and fossickers.

“Access is the critical issue,” he said. “The sad fact is that in NSW access to prospecting and fossicking land has been severely eroded in recent decades by the dominance of conservation values
over the heritage value of our prospecting and fossicking history and culture.
“A proud activity that helped lay the foundations of NSW has been downgraded and marginalised – an all too familiar story for prospectors around the country.
“We want more opportunities for more people to reconnect with NSW’s golden history and to experience national parks and other reserves through prospecting and fossicking.
“We believe balance needs to be restored between conservation of the environment and access for our low impact recreational activity.

“We want to cut through the tangled mess of red tape and green tape to make it easier to find gold and to indulge our passion for ‘the yellow’.

“We also seek to celebrate and honour Australia’s golden history by continuing the prospecting and fossicking traditions practiced by the diggers of old.”

Stephen said NAPFA was grateful for the moral support and fantastic example provided by PMAV, and its President, Rita Bentley.

“We appreciate that help a great deal,” he said.

NAPFA would maintain a close relationship with PMAV which Stephen said does a fantastic job in standing up for prospectors rights in Victoria.


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A little piece of history happened at the Goanna Outdoor Muster 2012 held at the Mookerawa State Recreation Park on the backwaters of the Burrendong Dam in the Central Western area of NSW.  

Robert Brown MLC address a gathering of over 200 outdoor loving people [mostly prospectors] after receiving an 11 page letter outlining the concerns of many prospectors regarding the diminishing access they are getting to areas that were once free to roam. Reallocated management of these lands has seen the change & this has been the result of back room wheeling & dealing to win Green Party preferences to win elections. It had little to do with protecting sensitive areas nor did it have anything to do with preserving the wilderness for our children. The truth is that the simplest form of management for these vast tracts of public lands has been to put a gate on it. Land hand overs was never accompanied by a funding rise or increased staff to manage it. Ferral animals have had a safe haven for years which has not been good for our native species & every year the  bush fire threat with its unmanaged fuel collection surfaces once more until the winter arrives  & we can all breathe again.

Bush fires will always be a risk of the Australian bush. In fact, they are necessary for a number of species of native flora to thrive but the fires of the past were smaller & controlled the excess fuel on a regular basis. The ancient aboriginal people had a symbiotic relationship with the bush.  Human beings are meant to be in nature. Anybody at our last camp out will tell you how happy it makes them feel to be outdoors in the fresh air & peace & quiet. I can’t put into words how healing it is to sit around a camp fire & stare into the flames. Strangers can sit together around a camp fire & in no time they are friends & sharing stories. It is not an occassional event, it is a predictable event. Outdoor people are happy people. Being outdoors is where we reground ourselves.

Now you can see  how offensive those gates are. Now you can see how damaging all that negative

“you can’t go here & you can’t go there” is to people who love to be in the bush, in the outdoors, on a beach, standing in a desert, passing through a rain forest or whatever piece of PUBLIC land has been gated off; from which we have been EXCLUDED. I highlight the words “PUBLIC” & “EXCLUDE” & ask….

“who has the right to exclude anybody from land that is owed by the people of this country?”

Here is a thought….are the people who LOVE the outdoors, the bush, the beach, the rain forest or the desert going to be the ones to destroy it? I think not. Are the same people enjoying the land & communing with nature going to be eyes on the ground, burning excess fuel in their camp fires, controlling ferral animals, reporting on criminal activity going to be doing a community disservice? I think not. And finally, one has to wonder why in a society with so much surplus there is a rising tide of depression & mental illness. Maybe we have moved too far from our roots? I was not being glib when describing the profound contentment found in living simply [if only for a weekend now & again]. No phone, no TV, no radio, no internet, no bills, no stress, just the trees, the animals, the breeze, the lapping water, the crackling camp fire, the rustling leaves, the fleeting clouds, the busy ants, the warbling magpies, the giggles of your happy children as the play pretend with sticks & rocks & spending time really talking to your mate, family or friends.

So, this is our issue. This is the core of our issue. We like to spend our time in the bush scratching about in the dirt looking for a bit of elusive gold. Is that bad? Wombats dig bigger holes than us & they don’t fill theirs in. Will the bush be destroyed if we dig in the dirt? Come on….seriously?? Hobby prospectors are not miners. The best metal detectors won’t reach deeper than a little over a metre & the target would have to be a fair size at that. Gold is only present in “some” areas anyway so our influence is hardly far reaching.

At the Goanna Outdoor Muster 200 plus people knew as a collective mind that enough is enough. Robert Brown delivered a speech that stirred the collective mind & like the first gold miners at the Eureka Stockade people decided to stand against the rot. On Saturday afternoon 3rd November 2012 the people agreed to organize themselves to win back their right to enter & enjoy PUBLIC land unencumbered by a mantle of stupid rules. On Sunday morning a key group of people gathered to form a steering committee to establish a new representative body to carry forth the interests of hobby prospectors & fossickers & win back our right to access OUR land. The NSW & ACT Prospectors and Fossickers Association was hatched. So far the Association name has been accepted & the framework for the new association is in place. At the moment quotes for Liability insurance are being gathered & soon it will be time for the steering committee to resign & for an elected body to take over. The next step is to recruit members to NAPFA.

If you are reading this blog then you need to consider these things

1. Will I join NAPFA?

2. Why will I join NAPFA?

Here is the answer. United we stand, divided we fall. If you agree with anything I have said in this blog then you need to be part of the solution. You have a little time to consider what I have said & here is something else to consider. Public land is NOT the only gold bearing land. There is gold on private property in certain areas. You must get permission from the land owner before entering of course. Some land owners might not mind but the fear of being sued if you hurt yourself has kept their gates firmly closed. What if you had your own public liability insurance? That is the one thing that NAPFA will give you as a member….automatic insurance cover. I think I have just provided you with enough to think about for the moment. Keep an eye on this blog for updates about the progress of where we are up to with our new association. Regards Bob & Judy